Professional Tuition

Professional Tuition

What does this mean

Professional tuition is educational support offered by qualified C.R.B checked tutors. Children can receive tuition from the age of 5 upwards with their school work in the key subjects of English Maths Science and ICT.

We the centres focus on reading, spelling, writing, grammar, and punctuation. Ace Tuition offers individualised programmes of study that help children who need extra support with their schoolwork as well as challenging those who are already excelling.

What can we help with ?

At Ace Tuition our experienced and qualified tutors provide

Tuition for the. Key subject areas of English, Maths, Science and ICT.
Tuition for SAT's examinations in English Maths and Science.
Tuition for GCSE examinations in English Maths Science and ICT
Tuition for 11+ examinations and entrance exams.
Tuition for children with special educational needs
Tuition for elective home educated children

What can we help with ?

The tuition centres offers sessions which last 60 or 80 minutes. Lessons begin at 4pm and carry on to 8pm.Daytime sessions are also available for home schooled students and adults.

Your Professional Tuition

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Opening times

We are open every day from 4.15pm to 7.15pm and Saturdays from 9.30am to 1.30pm. We are closed Sundays. Lessons in Harwich operate Monday afternoons only.

Lesson Fees

A precise costing will be given at time of assessment but we are very competitive. Fees are payable in advance monthly. We can accept payment via cash, cheque and credit cards. We can also take fee payments via tax credit and childcare vouchers.


Ace tuition is fully equipped with relevant resources to support the national curriculum with computer programmes to support learning. The resources are developed by the Association of Professional Tuition Centres of which we are members and other specialist providers to support our learning programme.

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